Throwing Program Builder v2.0 (priced in CAD)

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The BDG Throwing Program Builder was created to help players, parents, and coaches stay organized, efficient and on-top of creating their throwing programs. If you're a coach finding yourself working way too hard, or spending too much time, building out your throwing programs and want to systematize the whole thing, then this is for you! If you're an athlete struggling to plan a program or keep track of what you're going to do, then this is also for you!

The Throwing Program Builder will hep you create clean, organized, and professional looking throwing programs that are customizable. 

How does the Throwing Program Builder help you?  

  • Allows you to quickly create daily & weekly programs
  • Customize drills, warm-ups, and correctives to keep you locked in and organized.
  • The monthly planner allows you to easily visualize and schedule your month.
  • Keep track of throwing volume on a daily and weekly basis


Please note that for optimal functionality, the latest Excel version is required.