Remote Training

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The same high performance training that we offer in-gym delivered through an online platform for athletes that cannot make it to Toronto. We supply the structure, you supply the work ethic.


  • Comprehensive virtual assessment (joint range of motion, functional movement, biomechanics, etc)
  • Individualized 4-week throwing and strength training programs
  • Ongoing performance, workload, and progress tracking
  • Access to drill & exercise library + educational content


  • Due to the nature of remote training, we only accept athletes ages 14+
  • To get the most out of our remote training service athletes require access to basic gym equipment (barbell, weights, dumbbells, etc), a set of plyo balls, a place to throw, etc. 


  • Once signed up, athletes will be walked through our assessment process and scheduled for an in-depth video chat to go over our findings.
  • After, athletes are allowed 1 weekly check-in video call
  • 1-2 extended video call per month is permitted at the den of the remote coach
  • Unlimited access via text message to your coach once registered



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