Recovery for Baseball (e-book)

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Recovery for Baseball: Key Concepts, Thoughts, and Practical Applications

The first comprehensive resource dedicated specifically to baseball recovery

With the seemingly endless emergence of new training technologies, accessibility of online information and increasingly user-friendly analytical and biomechanical tools, the baseball community has taken significant strides towards advancing the training process. But can the same thing be said about the concept of recovery? Probably not. What we predominantly see are players spending the bulk of their time recovering with little thought process or rationale; foam roll more, stretch out more, do more active recovery, jog more, sleep more, supplement more, stim muscles more, get therapy more…literally “etc.”

This resource was created to tackle the recovery process with a little more vigour than the typical ‘train hard, recover harder’ theme of today’s game. I believe, that it’s time to shift our attention towards improving the narrative on what we do in between games. In this resource we’ll explore the many topics of recovery, including;

 How stress and adaptation are inseparable from the process of recovery

› How monitoring workload is connected to our preparedness to play or train

› The basic recovery strategies that need to be prioritized

› Developing a recovery protocol that will keep you moving well in-season

› And much more!

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